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What is a Christian Musician?

Are you a Sax Player Playing at Church?

Or a Christian that also plays the Sax?

What is a Christian Musician?

That question has been argued for years. I have played on Worship Teams and Christian Bands since graduating from High School. Like many Musicians I was enticed by the goals of “Career” and began pursuing my profession as a Sax Player who was also a Christian.

I have come full circle over the past 10 years and have a much better idea what it means to be a Christian who is also a Musician.

While I was working as a ‘Smooth Jazz Star’, I said the right things, hung with the beautiful people and did all the cool gigs. Anyone that has spent time in Church knows we are supposed to have our priorities straight. I always said God, then family and then my career was the priority.

As I look back over the last 20 years I see this was more words than I thought.

I now see a believer is supposed to be a Christian first and a musician second.

What does that look like?

As I get older, what continues to matter more to me is the mechanics and the truth. What does this look like? How does this affect my career and daily decisions?

I don’t think it determines the type of work you take as much as your attitude due to whom you are playing for. I think the goal is getting to a place that God can send you anywhere, to do anything and have that be alright.

It does not mean I will never do another “Secular” gig. If being a Christian meant you could only work in the Church, then there is a really huge problem for everyone not working in a Church office or full time ministry.

Some Church Musicians will only work at Church. If music is the work skill area you have invested your whole life in, then you might have a problem playing your instrument fulltime in Churches and paying the bills. I go to the second biggest Church in the United States and could not survive living on my side income only.

I am a professional Musician by trait. That means I have studied and played Sax my whole life. I have had no other job other than playing sax and working in Music fields since graduating from College with a degree in Music. I don’t think a musician is in sin if they are playing in the world any more than a Christian plumber fixing pipes for a non-believer.

All evangelism takes place in the world. If it happens at Church it is because we have invited the world into our Church. A good Church will have the world coming around looking for the truth we as Christians have to offer. The Church is supposed to be the light of the world and it needs to be exposed to, shinning bright and in the world.

There is a wonderful place for Christians playing music in the world. Secular Music needs Christians working, playing, ministering and sharing in the world.

There are a lot of Musicians out there that Jesus died for. Our job as Christians is to take the good news to our area of influence and share that good news. I have unsaved Musician friends that I will never give up on.

If working as a Christian in the world is not wrong, then how do you do it right. You have to have God give you that assignment.

It is the call of all Christians to take the Good News to the world they live in. The person that has no unsaved people to share the gospel with has become unsalted and useless.

I have great respect for Musicians working professionally in Secular Music and feel bad for them when well meaning Christians attack them with misguided bias, inconsistently applied to Musicians only.

The same bias does not work for most other fields or professions, but sure seems to push some great musicians away from the Church that really needs that expertise to bless there music program and fellow Church members.


God is worshiped in every style of music, all over the world, every Sunday. God likes every style of Music. You might not but God does.

Christian Music is marketed as a style of music. Christian Music is not a style that God dictated, but actually a style that Christians in our Western culture sell as Christian. You don’t have to agree with everyone on music styles but do need to let others enjoy different styles and be at peace with that.


It is so sad to see a new, baby Christian attacked by the Church for not bailing on all secular music the very second they profess faith in God. We can be so impatient when God is so very patient.

I have seen this happen too many times.

A lot of people seem to confuse musical expertise with spiritual maturity.

A famous Musician that becomes a Christian can be very advanced as a Musician and is a brand new baby in their new faith in God. To confuse the two is a tragedy.

If God wants to move a person from one kind of work to another, God will take care of it. He will close doors and open doors and do it over time. Every time a Christian has a word from God, directed at another person, what they need to do; we need to be leery. If God can speak to you about me, He can also do the same and just tell me himself.

Many Christians use “Words form God” to control others or push there personal bias on others in God’s name.  This is very wrong and very dangerous. Just because I feel or think something it does not mean it is God’s will for you too. I don’t like CountyMusic very much. I prefer modern instrumentation to organ music in Church. I am not stupid enough to tell you that’s God’s will for you. I can’t understand people that do such things.

Being a musician, I know music styles. Being a Christian, I know God.

God made music and enjoys all music. God can be and is worshiped in every style of music. As a musician, I have to say a lot of Christian Music really sucks. I don’t think God cares as much about the style or location you play as He does about your heart. Christian Musician – Make a joyful noise as unto the Lord, regardless of where you do it, and if you get the opportunity, share it with other believers at Church. If God has you more in the world right now, keep looking to Him for who He would have you impact and influence for the Kingdom.




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